A profile that provides information about network protection for an accessory.


class HMNetworkConfigurationProfile : HMAccessoryProfile


To increase security, HomeKit can restrict network access for specific accessories, including access to other accessories in the home, and to the internet. However, an accessory your app controls might need network access to carry out certain functions, like downloading new firmware.

Check the isNetworkAccessRestricted property of an accessory’s network configuration profile to find out if an accessory has restricted access. You can use this information to ask the user to relax network restrictions in the Home app.


Restricting Network Access

var isNetworkAccessRestricted: Bool

An indication of whether the accessory’s access to the network is restricted.

Listening for Access Changes

var delegate: HMNetworkConfigurationProfileDelegate?

A delegate that HomeKit tells about changes in the state of network access.

protocol HMNetworkConfigurationProfileDelegate

An interface that your app adopts to receive notifications about changes in the state of network access.


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Managing Accessory Profiles

var profiles: [HMAccessoryProfile]

An array of profiles implemented by the accessory.

class HMAccessoryProfile

A profile implemented by an accessory.