Instance Property


The type of the service associated with an outlet or a switch.


@property(readonly, copy, nonatomic) NSString *associatedServiceType;


Because different things can be plugged into outlets or controlled by switches, there is a tight association between a switch or outlet service and another service that it controls—for example, a lamp plugged into an outlet associates a lightbulb service with the outlet, even if the lamp itself is not a supported HomeKit accessory.

The associated service can be any service defined by the HomeKit Accessory Profile that supports HMCharacteristicTypePowerState, other than HMServiceTypeOutlet or HMServiceTypeSwitch.

See Accessory Service Types for a list of service types.

See Also

Associating a Secondary Service

- updateAssociatedServiceType:completionHandler:

Associates the service type of the plugged-in device with a switch or an outlet service.