A collection of accessory services.


class HMServiceGroup : NSObject


A service group makes it easier to address the services as a single entity. For example, a user might choose to group a set of lights together as “Desk Lamps,” and have another set of lights grouped as “Ceiling Lights”. You create service groups using the addServiceGroup(withName:completionHandler:) method of HMHome. Service groups are visible to Siri and allow users to control a group of services through Siri.


Managing Service Groups

var name: String

The name of the service group.

var uniqueIdentifier: UUID

The unique identifier for the service group.

var services: [HMService]

Array of the services in the service group.


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Service and Characteristic Setup

class HMService

A service provided by an accessory.

class HMCharacteristic

A specific characteristic of a service—for example, if a light is on or off, or to what temperature a thermostat is set.

class HMCharacteristicMetadata

Metadata that further specifies a characteristic’s value and that may be useful for presentation purposes.