An event that fires at a time offset from a significant time-based event.


class HMSignificantTimeEvent : HMTimeEvent


Use this class to represent an event that fires at a time relative to a significant event, for example "30 minutes before sunset".


Creating a Significant Time Event

init(significantEvent: HMSignificantEvent, offset: DateComponents?)

Creates a new significant time event with the specified significant event and offset.

Inspecting a Significant Time Event

var significantEvent: HMSignificantEvent

The significant time-based event that is used to calculate when the event fires.

var offset: DateComponents?

The offset from the significant event that the event fires at.

See Also

Significant Events

struct HMSignificantEvent

An event that represents significant time-based events, including sunrise and sunset.

class HMMutableSignificantTimeEvent

A mutable event that fires at the specified temporal offset to a significant event.