A trigger to activate an action set based on a periodic timer.


class HMTimerTrigger : HMTrigger


When a timer trigger is enabled using enable(_:completionHandler:), the system checks to verify that the timer trigger’s fire date, time zone, and recurrence rules yield a next fire date that is in the future.


Creating a Timer Trigger

Choosing the Fire Date

var fireDate: Date

The time at which the trigger will next fire.

func updateFireDate(Date, completionHandler: (Error?) -> Void)

Updates the next fire date for the trigger.

Using Recurrence

var recurrence: DateComponents?

The interval on which to repeat firing the trigger.

var recurrenceCalendar: Calendar?

The calendar in which the recurrence value is evaluated.

Indicating a Time Zone

var timeZone: TimeZone?

The timezone in which to evaluate the fire time.


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See Also

Action Sets

class HMActionSet

A collection of actions that you trigger as a group.

class HMEventTrigger

A trigger to activate an action set based on a set of events and optional conditions.