A collection of rooms that users think of as a single area, like upstairs or downstairs.


class HMZone : NSObject


An HMZone instance is an optional grouping of rooms in a home, with names like “upstairs” and “downstairs”. Zones are optional—rooms don’t need to be in a zone. By adding rooms to a zone, the user can give commands to Siri like “Siri, turn on all of the lights downstairs.” A single room can be in multiple zones—for example, “kitchen” might be in both the “downstairs” and “entertainment area” zones.

You create new zones using the addZone(withName:completionHandler:) method of HMHome. A zone can’t span homes—that is, you can’t create a zone that includes rooms from more than one home.


Identifying a Zone

var name: String

The name of the zone.

var uniqueIdentifier: UUID

The unique identifier for a zone.

Assigning Rooms to a Zone


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