Example Playlists for HTTP Live Streaming

View and compare playlists for different HLS applications.


HTTP Live Streaming sends audio and video as a series of small files, typically of about 6 seconds duration, called media segment files. An index file, or playlist, provides an ordered list of the URLs of the media segment files. Index files for HTTP Live Streaming are saved as M3U8 playlists, an extension of the M3U format used for MP3 playlists. The URL of the index file is accessed by clients, which then request the indexed files in sequence.

You can use the Apple HTTP Live Streaming tools to generate playlists. These tools are frequently updated and you can get them from Downloads for Apple Developers if you're a member of the Apple Developer Program. See About Apple's HTTP Live Streaming Tools for more information about the individual tools.


Basic Playlists

Video on Demand Playlist Construction

Understand the basic composition for a Video on Demand playlist.

Live Playlist (Sliding Window) Construction

Understand the basic composition for a live session playlist.

Event Playlist Construction

Learn about the basic composition of an event session playlist.

Creating a Master Playlist

Offer multiple playlist files to provide different encodings of the same content.

Modified Playlists

Incorporating Ads into a Playlist

Add branding or ads to a playlist.

Adding Alternate Media to a Playlist

Specify variant playlists that can override the main presentation.

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