Track and attribute app downloads that originate from Apple Search Ads campaigns.


Most of the iAd framework has been deprecated. To promote Apple Search Ads campaigns, use the Apple Search Ads UI or the Apple Search Ads Campaign Management API.

The only active portion of the iAd framework supports Apple Search Ads Attribution. Attribution data consists of user interaction with ads; for example, downloads and redownloads of apps resulting from taps on impressions from an Apple Search Ads campaign.

All Apple Search Ads data that Apple collects is subject to the Apple privacy policy.

See the iAd Network shutdown notice for details about the deprecated iAd network.


Apple Search Ads Attribution API

Setting up Apple Search Ads Attribution

Identify meaningful metrics by retrieving the attribution dictionary.

class ADClient

Ad information specific to an app.

Attribution Errors

let ADClientErrorDomain: String

The error domain passed to the completion handler.

struct ADClientError

The error codes passed to the completion handler.

enum ADClientError.Code

Errors associated with attribution.

Error Responses

Look up errors returned when using the Apple Search Ads Attribution API.


Deprecated Symbols

Reference symbols from the legacy iAd framework.