The ADBannerViewDelegate protocol is implemented by an object to react to changes in an ADBannerView object. The banner view calls its delegate when a new advertisement is loaded, when the user interacts with an advertisement, and when errors occur.


@protocol ADBannerViewDelegate


Detecting When Advertisements Are Loaded

- bannerViewWillLoadAd:

Called before a new banner advertisement is loaded.

- bannerViewDidLoadAd:

Called when a new banner advertisement is loaded.

Detecting When a User Interacts With an Advertisement

- bannerViewActionShouldBegin:willLeaveApplication:

Called before a banner view executes an action.

- bannerViewActionDidFinish:

Called after a banner view finishes executing an action that covered your application’s user interface.

Detecting Errors

- bannerView:didFailToReceiveAdWithError:

Called when a banner view fails to load a new advertisement.


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