Error codes for the iAd error domain.


enum ADError.Code : Int, _ErrorCodeProtocol


Enumeration Cases

case adUnloaded

The ad being displayed in the banner was unloaded. This might happen when an ad expires or when an ad is moved from a non-visible banner to a visible banner.

case applicationInactive

Indicates that ad content is not available because the application is not currently active.

case bannerVisibleWithoutContent

Indicates that the banner is visible, but no advertisement is shown. Your application must always hide the banner when it does not have an advertisement to display.

case configurationError

Indicates that your application has not been configured to receive advertisements. Check your application’s configuration on App Store Connect. This error is not received when your application is running in Sandbox.

case inventoryUnavailable

Indicates that no advertisements are currently available to download.

case loadingThrottled

Indicates that the download from the advertisements server is currently being throttled.

case serverFailure

Indicates that the connection to the advertisements server failed.

case unknown

Indicates that an unknown or unexpected error occurred.

See Also


init?(adType: ADAdType)

Initializes a banner view with the specified ad type.

enum ADAdType

Constants that indicate the types of ads.

struct ADErrorDeprecated