Display advertisements in a dedicated portion of your app’s user interface. Receive revenue when users view or click the ads.


iAd allows your application to earn revenue by displaying advertisements to the user. Your application dedicates a portion of its user interface to display advertisements and in turn you receive revenue when users view or click those advertisements.

While you are developing your application, iAd sends test advertisements to help you verify your implementation is correct. To receive live advertisements from iAd in a release application, you need to integrate the iAd Framework in your application and submit your binary using App Store Connect.




The ADBannerView class provides a view that displays banner advertisements to the user. When the user taps a banner view, the view triggers an action programmed into the advertisement. For example, an advertisement might show a movie, present a modal advertisement, or launch Safari to show a webpage. Your application is notified when an action starts and stops, but does not otherwise interact with the advertisement. You receive revenue when users see new advertisements or trigger their actions.


The ADClient class is used to determine iAd-specific information about the app. Specifically, you use it to determine whether the app was installed as the result of user interaction with an ad associated with an iAd Network campaign.


The ADInterstitialAd class provides full-screen advertisements that your iPad application can display to the user. When the user taps a full-screen advertisement, the advertisement launches a full-screen ad with rich media and interactive capabilities. Your application is notified when the advertisement is launched, but does not otherwise interact with the ad. You receive revenue when users view the advertisements or interact with the advertisements displayed by your application.




The ADBannerViewDelegate protocol is implemented by an object to react to changes in an ADBannerView object. The banner view calls its delegate when a new advertisement is loaded, when the user interacts with an advertisement, and when errors occur.


The ADInterstitialAdDelegate protocol is implemented by an object so that your application can respond to changes in an ADInterstitialAd object. An ad object calls its delegate whenever the state of the ad changes.

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