Instance Method


Requests a thumbnail for the item.


func requestThumbnail()


If a thumbnail is not readily available, accessing this property will send a message to the device requesting a thumbnail for the file. The delegate of the device will be notified via method cameraDevice(_:didReceiveThumbnail:for:error:), if this method is implemented by the delegate. Execution of the delegate callback will occur on the main thread.

See Also

Requesting Thumbnails

var thumbnail: CGImage?

The item’s thumbnail.

var thumbnailIfAvailable: CGImage?

The item’s thumbnail if it is readily available.

var largeThumbnailIfAvailable: CGImage?

A large thumbnail for the item if one is readily available.

func flushThumbnailCache()

Deletes the item’s cached thumbnail.

struct ICCameraItemThumbnailOption

An option for the item’s thumbnail.