An object for finding digital cameras and scanners.


class ICDeviceBrowser : NSObject


Creating a Device Browser


Creates an ImageCaptureCore device browser.

Managing Device Browsing

var delegate: ICDeviceBrowserDelegate?

The object that acts as the delegate of the device browser.

protocol ICDeviceBrowserDelegate

Methods for managing the addition and removal of devices and responding to device changes.

Browsing Devices

var isBrowsing: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the device browser is browsing for devices.

var devices: [ICDevice]?

All devices found by the browser.

class ICDevice

An abstract object that represents a device.

var browsedDeviceTypeMask: ICDeviceTypeMask

A mask whose set bits indicate the type of devices being browsed after the delegate receives the start message.

func start()

Tells the delegate to start looking for devices.

func stop()

Tells the delegate to stop looking for devices.

Setting a Preferred Device

func preferredDevice() -> ICDevice?

Returns a device object that the client application should select when it launches.


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