An object that represents a scanner.


class ICScannerDevice : ICDevice


An instance of ICScannerDevice class is intended to be used by the ICScannerDeviceView object. The ICScannerDeviceView class encapsulates the complexities of setting scan parameters, performing scans and saving the result. The developer should consider using ICScannerDeviceView instead of building their own views using the ICScannerDevice object.


Selecting a Functional Unit

var availableFunctionalUnitTypes: [NSNumber]

An array of functional unit types available on this scanner.

var selectedFunctionalUnit: ICScannerFunctionalUnit

The currently selected functional unit on the scanner.

func requestSelect(ICScannerFunctionalUnitType)

Requests to select a functional unit on the scanner.

enum ICScannerFunctionalUnitType

The types of scanner functional units.

enum ICScannerFunctionalUnitState

Flags to indicate the state of the scanner functional unit.

Performing a Scan

func requestOpenSession(withCredentials: String, password: String)

Opens a session on the protected device with the authorized username and passcode.

func requestOverviewScan()

Starts an overview scan on the selected functional unit.

func requestScan()

Starts a scan on the selected functional unit.

func cancelScan()

Cancels the current scan.

var documentName: String

The document’s name.

var documentUTI: String

The document’s uniform type identifier.

var downloadsDirectory: URL

The downloads directory.

var transferMode: ICScannerTransferMode

The transfer mode for the scanned document.

var maxMemoryBandSize: UInt32

The total maximum band size requested when performing a memory-based transfer.

Logging into a Protected Device

var defaultUsername: String

A default username on protected scanners.


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protocol ICScannerDeviceDelegate

Methods for determining availability, selecting a functional unit, and performing scans on connected scanners.

Scanner Configuration

Examine a scanner’s functional units and features.