An abstract class that describes a scanner feature.


class ICScannerFeature : NSObject


The ImageCaptureCore framework defines three concrete subclasses of scanner features: ICScannerFeatureEnumeration, ICScannerFeatureRange, and ICScannerFeatureBoolean. Scanner functional units may have one or more instances of these classes to allow users to choose scanner-specific settings or operations before performing a scan.


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class ICScannerFeatureBoolean

A feature with a value of YES or NO.

class ICScannerFeatureEnumeration

A feature that can have one of several discrete values, strings or numbers.

class ICScannerFeatureRange

A feature with a value that lies within a range.

class ICScannerFeatureTemplate

A group of one or more rectangular scan areas that can be used with a scanner functional unit.

enum ICScannerFeatureType

The types of scanner features.