Create an incremental image source.


func CGImageSourceCreateIncremental(_ options: CFDictionary?) -> CGImageSource



A dictionary that specifies additional creation options. See Image Source Option Dictionary Keys for the keys you can supply.

Return Value

Returns an image source object. You are responsible for releasing this object using CFRelease.


The function CGImageSourceCreateIncremental creates an empty image source container to which you can add data later by calling the functions CGImageSourceUpdateDataProvider or CGImageSourceUpdateData. You don’t provide data when you call this function.

An incremental image is an image that is created in chunks, similar to the way large images viewed over the web are loaded piece by piece.

See Also

Creating Images From an Image Source

func CGImageSourceCreateImageAtIndex(CGImageSource, Int, CFDictionary?) -> CGImage?

Creates a CGImage object for the image data associated with the specified index in an image source.

func CGImageSourceCreateThumbnailAtIndex(CGImageSource, Int, CFDictionary?) -> CGImage?

Creates a thumbnail image of the image located at a specified location in an image source.