Returns the properties of the image at a specified location in an image source.


func CGImageSourceCopyPropertiesAtIndex(_ isrc: CGImageSource, _ index: Int, _ options: CFDictionary?) -> CFDictionary?



An image source.


The index of the image whose properties you want to obtain. The index is zero-based.


A dictionary you can use to request additional options. See Image Source Option Dictionary Keys for the keys you can supply.

Return Value

A dictionary that contains the properties associated with the image. See CGImageProperties for a list of properties that can be in the dictionary.

See Also

Getting Information From an Image Source

func CGImageSourceGetTypeID() -> CFTypeID

Returns the unique type identifier of an image source opaque type.

func CGImageSourceGetType(CGImageSource) -> CFString?

Returns the uniform type identifier of the source container.

func CGImageSourceCopyTypeIdentifiers() -> CFArray

Returns an array of uniform type identifiers (UTIs) that are supported for image sources.

func CGImageSourceGetCount(CGImageSource) -> Int

Returns the number of images (not including thumbnails) in the image source.

func CGImageSourceGetStatusAtIndex(CGImageSource, Int) -> CGImageSourceStatus

Returns the current status of an image that is at a specified location in an image source.