CIFF Dictionary Keys

Keys for an image that uses Camera Image File Format (CIFF).



let kCGImagePropertyCIFFFirmware: CFString

The firmware version of the camera.

let kCGImagePropertyCIFFOwnerName: CFString

The name of the camera’s owner.

let kCGImagePropertyCIFFReleaseMethod: CFString

The method of shutter release—single-shot or continuous.

let kCGImagePropertyCIFFReleaseTiming: CFString

The priority for shutter release timing—shutter or focus.

let kCGImagePropertyCIFFRecordID: CFString

The number of images taken since the camera shipped.

let kCGImagePropertyCIFFSelfTimingTime: CFString

The time in milliseconds until shutter release when using the self-timer.

let kCGImagePropertyCIFFLensMaxMM: CFString

The maximum lens length in millimeters.

let kCGImagePropertyCIFFLensMinMM: CFString

The minimum lens length in millimeters.