TIFF Dictionary Keys

Keys for an image that uses Tagged Image File Format (TIFF).



let kCGImagePropertyTIFFCompression: CFString

The compression scheme used on the image data.

let kCGImagePropertyTIFFMake: CFString

The name of the manufacturer of the camera or input device.

let kCGImagePropertyTIFFModel: CFString

The camera or input device model.

let kCGImagePropertyTIFFXResolution: CFString

The number of pixels per resolution unit in the image width direction.

let kCGImagePropertyTIFFYResolution: CFString

The number of pixels per resolution unit in the image height direction.

let kCGImagePropertyTIFFSoftware: CFString

The name and version of the software used for image creation.

let kCGImagePropertyTIFFTransferFunction: CFString

The transfer function, in tabular format, used to map pixel components from a nonlinear form into a linear form.

let kCGImagePropertyTIFFDateTime: CFString

The date and time that the image was created.

let kCGImagePropertyTIFFArtist: CFString

The artist who created the image.

let kCGImagePropertyTIFFHostComputer: CFString

The computer or operating system used when the image was created.

let kCGImagePropertyTIFFPrimaryChromaticities: CFString

The chromaticities of the primaries of the image.