Instance Method


Create a baseband connection to the device.


func openConnection(_ target: Any!) -> IOReturn

Return Value

Returns kIOReturnSuccess if the connection was successfully created (or if asynchronous, if the CREATE_CONNECTION command was successfully issued).


If a target is specified, the open connection call is asynchronous and on completion of the CREATE_CONNECTION command, the method -connectionComplete:status: will be called on the specified target. If no target is specified, the call is synchronous and will not return until the connection is open or the CREATE_CONNECTION call has failed. This call with proceed without authentication required, and using the default page timeout value. If authentication or a non-default page timeout is required the method -openConnection:withPageTimeout:authenticationRequired: should be used instead.

As of OS X 10.7, this method will no longer mask out "Connection Exists" 'errors' with a success result code; your code must account for the cases where the baseband connection is already open.