Instance Method


Create a baseband connection to the device.


- (IOReturn)openConnection:(id)target withPageTimeout:(BluetoothHCIPageTimeout)pageTimeoutValue authenticationRequired:(BOOL)authenticationRequired;



The target to message when the create connection call is complete


The page timeout value to use for this call


BOOL value to indicate whether authentication should be required for the connection

Return Value

Returns kIOReturnSuccess if the connection was successfully created (or if asynchronous, if the CREATE_CONNECTION command was successfully issued).


If a target is specified, the open connection call is asynchronous and on completion of the CREATE_CONNECTION command, the method -connectionComplete:status: will be called on the specified target. If no target is specified, the call is synchronous and will not return until the connection is open or the CREATE_CONNECTION call has failed.

NOTE: This method is only available in macOS 10.2.7 (Bluetooth v1.3) or later.

As of OS X 10.7, this method will no longer mask out "Connection Exists" 'errors' with a success result code; your code must account for the cases where the baseband connection is already open.