Object representing a device inquiry that finds Bluetooth devices in-range of the computer, and (optionally) retrieves name information for them.


class IOBluetoothDeviceInquiry : NSObject


You should only use this object if your application needs to know about in-range devices and cannot use the GUI provided by the IOBluetoothUI framework. It will not let you perform unlimited back-to-back inquiries, but will instead throttle the number of attempted inquiries if too many are attempted within a small window of time. Important Note: DO NOT perform remote name requests on devices from delegate methods or while this object is in use. If you wish to do your own remote name requests on devices, do them after you have stopped this object. If you do not heed this warning, you could potentially deadlock your process.



init!(delegate: Any!)

Initializes an alloc'd inquiry object, and sets the delegate object, as if -setDelegate: were called on it.

Instance Properties

var inquiryLength: UInt8

Set the length of the inquiry that is performed each time -start is used on an inquiry object.

var searchType: IOBluetoothDeviceSearchTypes

Set the devices that are found.

var updateNewDeviceNames: Bool

Sets whether or not the inquiry object will retrieve the names of devices found during the search.

Instance Methods

func clearFoundDevices()

Removes all found devices from the inquiry object.

func foundDevices() -> [Any]!

Returns found IOBluetoothDevice objects as an array.

func start() -> IOReturn

Tells inquiry object to begin the inquiry and name updating process, if specified.

func stop() -> IOReturn

Halts the inquiry object. Could either stop the search for new devices, or the updating of found device names.


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