Hands free profile class.


class IOBluetoothHandsFree : NSObject


Superclass of IOBluetoothHandsFreeDevice and IOBluetoothHandsFreeAudioGateway classes. Contains the common code used to support the bluetoooth hands free profile.




Determine if there is a service level connection to the device.


Instance Properties

var isSMSEnabled: Bool

Return YES if the device has SMS enabled.

var smsMode: IOBluetoothSMSMode

Return the device's SMS mode.

var device: IOBluetoothDevice!

Return the IOBluetoothDevice.

var deviceCallHoldModes: UInt32

Return the device's supported call hold modes.

var deviceSupportedFeatures: UInt32

Return the device's supported features.

var deviceSupportedSMSServices: UInt32

Return the device's supported SMS services.

var isInputMuted: Bool

Return the input mute state.

var inputVolume: Float

Return the input volume

var isOutputMuted: Bool

Return the output mute state.

var outputVolume: Float

Return the output volume

var supportedFeatures: UInt32

Set the supported features

Instance Methods

func connect()

Connect to the device

func connectSCO()

Open a SCO connection with the device

func disconnect()

Disconnect from the device

func disconnectSCO()

Disconnect the SCO connection with the device

func indicator(String!) -> Int32

Return an indicator's value

func isSCOConnected() -> Bool

Determine if there is a SCO connection to the device


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