This class is a representation of a Bluetooth Host Controller Interface that is present on the local computer (either plugged in externally or available internally).


@interface IOBluetoothHostController : NSObject


This object can be used to ask a Bluetooth HCI for certain pieces of information, and be used to make it perform certain functions.


Instance Properties


Gets the controller power state

Instance Methods

- addressAsString

Convience routine to get the HCI controller's Bluetooth address as an NSString object.

- classOfDevice

Gets the current class of device value.

- nameAsString

Gets the "friendly" name of HCI controller.

- setClassOfDevice:forTimeInterval:

Sets the current class of device value, for the specified amount of time. Note that the time interval *must* be set and valid. The range of acceptable values is 30-120 seconds. Anything above or below will be rounded up, or down, as appropriate.

Type Methods

+ defaultController

Gets the default HCI controller object.


Inherits From