Structure used to search for particular devices.


struct IOBluetoothDeviceSearchDeviceAttributes {
   BluetoothDeviceAddress address; // 00 08 22 44 AB 56, etc.
   BluetoothDeviceName name; // "Al Yankovic's Phone", etc.
   BluetoothServiceClassMajor serviceClassMajor; // Networking, Rendering, etc.
   BluetoothDeviceClassMajor deviceClassMajor; // Computer, Phone, Audio, etc.
   BluetoothDeviceClassMinor deviceClassMinor; // Desktop, cordless, headset, etc.


Make sure you specify all fields! If you do not set deviceClassMajor for example, and the value is 0, that is mapped to kBluetoothDeviceClassMajorMiscellaneous, which is probably not what you want. To search for all device types, you must pass kBluetoothDeviceClassMajorAny and its relatives.

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