Implements advanced OBEX operations in addition to simple PUT and GET.


class OBEXFileTransferServices : NSObject


All operations are asynchronous and will callback over a respective delegate method if the initial return value is successful. The initial return value usually concerns the state of this object where as the delegate return value reflects the response of the remote device.



init!(obexSession: IOBluetoothOBEXSession!)

Create a new OBEXFileTransferServices object

Instance Properties

Instance Methods

func abort() -> OBEXError

Abort the current operation

func changeCurrentFolderBackward() -> OBEXError

Change to the directory above the current level if not at the root

func changeCurrentFolderToRoot() -> OBEXError

Asynchronously change to the remote root directory

func connectToFTPService() -> OBEXError

Connect to a remote device for FTP operations

func connectToObjectPushService() -> OBEXError

Connect to a remote device for ObjectPush operations. Most of the FTP functionality of this object will be disabled.

func createFolder(String!) -> OBEXError

Create a folder on the remote target

func currentPath() -> String!

Get the remote current directory path during an FTP session

func disconnect() -> OBEXError

Disconnect from the remote device

func getDefaultVCard(String!) -> OBEXError

Get the remote default VCard, if it is supported

func isBusy() -> Bool

Get the action state of the module

func isConnected() -> Bool

Get the connected state of this module.

func retrieveFolderListing() -> OBEXError

Get a remote directory listing

func sendFile(String!) -> OBEXError

Put a local file to the remote target

Type Methods

class func withOBEXSession(IOBluetoothOBEXSession!) -> Self!

Create a new OBEXFileTransferServices object


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