An NSWindowController subclass that supports the creation of an IOBluetoothObjectPushUIController object.


class IOBluetoothObjectPushUIController : NSWindowController



init!(objectPushWith: IOBluetoothDevice!, withFiles: [Any]!, delegate: Any!)

Creates and returns a new IOBluetoothObjectPush object

Instance Methods

func getDevice() -> IOBluetoothDevice!

Gets the object representing the remote target device in the transfer.

func getTitle() -> String!

Returns the title of the transfer panel.

func isTransferInProgress() -> Bool

Gets state of the transfer

func runModal()

Runs the transfer UI panel in a modal session

func runPanel()

Runs the transfer UI as a panel with no modal session

func setIconImage(NSImage!)

Manually sets the icon used in the panel.

func setTitle(String!)

Sets the title of the panel when not run as a sheet.

func stop()

Stops the transfer UI