Creates an IOPMAssertion with more flexibility than IOPMAssertionCreateWithDescription.


IOReturn IOPMAssertionCreateWithProperties(CFDictionaryRef AssertionProperties, IOPMAssertionID *AssertionID);



Dictionary providing the properties of the assertion that need to be created.


(Output) On successful return, contains a unique reference to a PM assertion.


Create a new PM assertion - the caller must specify the type of assertion, initial level, and its properties as IOPMAssertionDictionaryKeys keys in the AssertionProperties dictionary. The following keys are recommend and/or required to be specified in the AssertionProperties dictionary argument.

  • REQUIRED: kIOPMAssertionTypeKey define the assertion type.

  • REQUIRED: kIOPMAssertionValueKey define an inital value.

  • REQUIRED: kIOPMAssertionNameKey Caller must describe the name for the activity that requires the change in behavior provided by the assertion.

  • OPTIONAL: kIOPMAssertionDetailsKey Caller may describe context-specific data about the assertion.

  • OPTIONAL: kIOPMAssertionHumanReadableReasonKey Caller may describe the reason for creating the assertion in a localizable CFString. This should be a human readable phrase that describes the actions the calling process is taking while the assertion is held, like "Downloading TV episodes", or "Compiling Projects"

  • OPTIONAL: kIOPMAssertionLocalizationBundlePathKey Caller may provide its bundle's path, where macOS can localize for GUI display the CFString specified by kIOPMAssertionHumanReadableReasonKey.

  • OPTIONAL: kIOPMAssertionPlugInIDKey if the caller is a plugin with a different identity than the process it's loaded in.

  • OPTIONAL: kIOPMAssertionFrameworkIDKey if the caller is a framework acting on behalf of a process.

  • OPTIONAL: The caller may specify a timeout.

See Also



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Dynamically requests a system behavior from the power management system.


Dynamically requests a system behavior from the power management system.


Declares that the user is active on the system. This causes the display to power on and postpone display sleep up to the user's display sleep Energy Saver settings. If you prefer to hold the display awake for a longer period and you know how long you'd like to hold it, consider taking assertion kIOPMAssertionTypePreventUserIdleDisplaySleep using IOPMAssertionCreateWithDescription API instead.


Decrements the assertion's retain count.


Increments the assertion's retain count.


Sets a property in the assertion.


Returns a dictionary listing all assertions, grouped by their owning process.


Returns a list of available assertions and their system-wide levels.

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