The caller denies an idle system sleep power state change.


IOReturn IOCancelPowerChange(io_connect_t kernelPort, intptr_t notificationID);



Port used to communicate to the kernel, from IORegisterApp or IORegisterForSystemPower.


A copy of the notification ID which came as part of the power state change notification being acknowledged.

Return Value

Returns kIOReturnSuccess or an error condition if request failed.


Should only called in response to kIOMessageCanSystemSleep messages from IOPMrootDomain. IOCancelPowerChange has no meaning for responding to kIOMessageSystemWillSleep (which is non-abortable) or any other messages.

When an app responds to a kIOMessageCanSystemSleep message by calling IOCancelPowerChange, the app vetoes the idle sleep request. The system will stay awake. The idle timer will elapse again after a period of inactivity, and the system will send out the same kIOMessageCanSystemSleep message, and interested applications will respond gain.

See Also



The caller acknowledges notification of a power state change on a device it has registered for notifications for via IORegisterForSystemPower or IORegisterApp.


Disconnects the caller from an IOService after receiving power state change notifications from the IOService. (Caller must also release IORegisterApp's return io_connect_t and returned IONotificationPortRef for complete clean-up).


Disconnects the caller from the Root Power Domain IOService after receiving system power state change notifications. (Caller must also destroy the IONotificationPortRef returned from IORegisterForSystemPower.)


Connects the caller to an IOService for the purpose of receiving power state change notifications for the device controlled by the IOService.


Connects the caller to the Root Power Domain IOService for the purpose of receiving sleep & wake notifications for the system. Does not provide system shutdown and restart notifications.

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