Optional key that provides a localizable string for macOS to display PM Assertions in the GUI.


#define kIOPMAssertionHumanReadableReasonKey


The caller should specify this string in IOPMAssertionCreateWithProperties. If present, macOS may display this string, localized to the user's language, to explain changes in system behavior caused by the assertion.

If set, the caller must also specify a bundle path for the key kIOPMAssertionLocalizationBundlePathKey The bundle at that path should contain localization info for the specified string.

This key may be specified in the dictionary passed to IOPMAssertionCreateWithProperties.

This key may be present in the dictionary returned from IOPMAssertionCopyProperties.

Describe your assertion as thoroughly as possible. See these other keys that can you can set to add explanation to an assertion: REQUIRED kIOPMAssertionNameKey OPTIONAL kIOPMAssertionDetailsKey