Instance Property


Issues an INQUIRY command to the device as defined in SPC-2.


IOReturn (*Inquiry)(void *self, SCSICmd_INQUIRY_StandardData *inquiryBuffer, UInt32 inqBufferSize, SCSITaskStatus *taskStatus, SCSI_Sense_Data *senseDataBuffer);



Pointer to an MMCDeviceInterface for one IOService.


A pointer to a buffer the size of the SCSICmd_INQUIRY_StandardData struct found in SCSICmds_INQUIRY_Definitions.h.


The amount of INQUIRY data to ask the device for (some devices return less INQUIRY data than the size of SCSICmd_INQUIRY_StandardData and will need to be reset if more than that amount is specified). This value must be less than the size of SCSICmd_INQUIRY_StandardData.


Pointer to a SCSITaskStatus to get the status of the SCSITask which was executed. Valid SCSITaskStatus values are defined in SCSITask.h


Pointer to a buffer the size of the SCSI_Sense_Data struct found in SCSICmds_REQUEST_SENSE_Defs.h. The sense data is only valid if the SCSITaskStatus is kSCSITaskStatus_CHECK_CONDITION.

Return Value

Returns kIOReturnSuccess if successful, kIOReturnNoDevice if there is no connection to an IOService, kIOReturnNoMemory if a SCSITask couldn't be created, or kIOReturnExclusiveAccess if the device is already opened for exclusive access by another client.


Once an MMCDeviceInterface is opened, the client may send this command to get inquiry data from the drive.