The ITLibAlbum class provides information about an album in the iTunes library. Each track associated with the album is represented as an ITLibMediaItem in this framework.


class ITLibAlbum : NSObject


A compilation is an album whose tracks come from more than one source/were created by different artists.

If an album is part of a multi-disc set, the discNumber property is the index of the album in the set.

To retrieve an ITLibAlbum instance, use the ITLibMediaItem album property.


Instance Properties

var albumArtist: String?

The name of the artist associated with this album.

var discCount: Int

The number of discs in this multiple-disc set.

var discNumber: Int

The index (1, 2, 3, and so on) of the disc within an album that is a multiple-disc set.

var isCompilation: Bool

Whether this album is a compilation.

var isGapless: Bool

Whether this album is gapless.

var isRatingComputed: Bool

Indicates whether the rating of this album was computed based upon the ratings of individual tracks in the album.

var rating: Int

The rating of this album.

var sortAlbumArtist: String?

The name that iTunes uses when it sorts by album artist.

var sortTitle: String?

The title that iTunes uses when it sorts by album title.

var title: String?

The title of this album.

var trackCount: Int

Number of tracks in this album.


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