The ITLibPlaylist class describes a playlist in the iTunes library. A playlist is a collection of media items (tracks). Playlists may be created and organized manually by the user or automatically generated by iTunes. Playlists are modeled as media entities. Each contains a unique identifier and a set of properties. Playlists may form a hierarchical structure. In those cases, the parentID property of ITLibPlaylist returns the persistent ID of the parent playlist.


class ITLibPlaylist : ITLibMediaEntity


Instance Properties

var distinguishedKind: ITLibDistinguishedPlaylistKind

The distinguished kind of this playlist.

var isAllItemsPlaylist: Bool

This property is reserved for future use.

var isMaster: Bool

Whether this playlist represents the entire iTunes library.

var isVisible: Bool

Whether this playlist is visible to the user in iTunes.

var items: [ITLibMediaItem]

The media items (tracks) in this playlist.

var name: String

The name or title of this playlist.

var parentID: NSNumber?

The unique persistent identifier of this playlist’s parent playlist.


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