JavaScriptCore Functions

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func JSContextGetGlobalContext(JSContextRef!) -> JSGlobalContextRef!

Gets the global context of a JavaScript execution context.

func JSGlobalContextSetName(JSGlobalContextRef!, JSStringRef!)

Sets the remote debugging name for a context.

func JSObjectGetArrayBufferBytesPtr(JSContextRef!, JSObjectRef!, UnsafeMutablePointer<JSValueRef?>!) -> UnsafeMutableRawPointer!

Returns a pointer to the data buffer that serves as the backing store for a JavaScript Typed Array object.

func JSObjectGetTypedArrayBuffer(JSContextRef!, JSObjectRef!, UnsafeMutablePointer<JSValueRef?>!) -> JSObjectRef!

Returns the JavaScript Array Buffer object that is used as the backing of a JavaScript Typed Array object.

func JSObjectMakeTypedArrayWithArrayBufferAndOffset(JSContextRef!, JSTypedArrayType, JSObjectRef!, Int, Int, UnsafeMutablePointer<JSValueRef?>!) -> JSObjectRef!

Creates a JavaScript Typed Array object from an existing JavaScript Array Buffer object with the given offset and length.

func JSValueIsArray(JSContextRef!, JSValueRef!) -> Bool

Tests whether a JavaScript value is an array.

func JSValueIsDate(JSContextRef!, JSValueRef!) -> Bool

Tests whether a JavaScript value is a date.

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