Defines the JavaScriptCore interface engine.


Data Types

typealias JSClassRef

A JavaScript class.

typealias JSContextGroupRef

A group that associates JavaScript contexts with one another.

typealias JSContextRef

A JavaScript execution context.

typealias JSGlobalContextRef

A global JavaScript execution context.

typealias JSObjectRef

A JavaScript object.

typealias JSPropertyNameAccumulatorRef

An ordered set used to collect the names of a JavaScript object’s properties.

typealias JSPropertyNameArrayRef

An array of JavaScript property names.

typealias JSStringRef

A UTF16 character buffer.

typealias JSValueRef

A JavaScript value.

See Also

Legacy JavaScriptCore APIs


A JavaScript Object.


A UTF16 character buffer that is the fundamental string representation in JavaScript.


Contains CFString convenience methods.


A JavaScript value that is the base type for all JavaScript values and the polymorphic functions on them.