A JSManagedValue object wraps a JSValue object, adding “conditional retain” behavior to provide automatic memory management of values. The primary use case for a managed value is to store a JavaScript value in an Objective-C or Swift object that is itself exported to JavaScript.


class JSManagedValue : NSObject


A managed value’s “conditional retain” behavior ensures that its underlying JavaScript value is retained as long as either of the following conditions is true:

  • The JavaScript value is reachable through the JavaScript object graph (that is, not subject to JavaScript garbage collection)

  • The JSManagedValue object is reachable through the Objective-C or Swift object graph, as reported to the JavaScriptCore virtual machine using the addManagedReference(_:withOwner:) method

However, if neither of these conditions are true, the managed value sets its value property to nil, releasing the underlying JSValue object.


Creating a Managed Value

init!(value: JSValue!)

Initializes a managed value with the specified JavaScript value.

init!(value: JSValue!, andOwner: Any!)

Creates a managed value and associates it with an owner.

Accessing the Managed Value

var value: JSValue!

The managed value’s underlying JavaScript value.


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