Performs either correlation or convolution on two real vectors; single precision.


void vDSP_conv(const float *__A, vDSP_Stride __IA, const float *__F, vDSP_Stride __IF, float *__C, vDSP_Stride __IC, vDSP_Length __N, vDSP_Length __P);



Real single-precision input signal vector. The length of this vector must be at least N + P - 1.


The stride through A.


Real single-precision filter vector.


The stride through F.


Real single-precision output signal vector.)


The stride through C.


The length of C.


The length of F.


If IF is positive, vDSP_conv performs correlation. If IF is negative, it performs convolution and F must point to the last vector element. The function can run in place, but C cannot be in place with F.