Difference equation, 2 poles, 2 zeros; single precision.


void vDSP_deq22(const float *__A, vDSP_Stride __IA, const float *__B, float *__C, vDSP_Stride __IC, vDSP_Length __N);



Single-precision real input vector.


Stride for A.


5 single-precision inputs (filter coefficients), with stride 1.


Single-precision real output vector.


Stride for C.


Number of new output elements to produce.


This function creates N new values in output vector C, beginning with its third element. It performs two-pole two-zero recursive filtering on input vector A, which must contain at least N + 2 values; C must also contain at least N + 2 values. Since the computation is recursive, the first two elements in C must be initialized prior to calling this function. This function can only be done out of place.