SCSI Protocol Driver Family for FireWire SBP2 Devices.


class IOFireWireSerialBusProtocolTransport : IOSCSIProtocolServices


IOFireWireSerialBusProtocolTransport contains all the bus specific support for FireWire SBP2 compliant devices. To add vendor specific features or workarounds you will sub-class the appropriate methods of this family.



- AbortSCSICommand

This method is intended to abort an in progress SCSI Task.

- AllocateResources

Allocate Resources.

- cleanUp

cleanUp is called to tear down IOFireWireSerialBusProtocolTransport.

- CoalesceSenseData

CoalesceSenseData convert a SBP-2 status block into a SPC-2 sense block.

- CommandORBAccessor

accessor function for fORB.

- CompleteSCSITask

This qualifies and sets appropriate data then calls CommandCompleted.

- DeallocateResources

Deallocate Resources.

- finalize

See IOService for discussion.

- HandleProtocolServiceFeature

Handle specified feature supported by the protocol layer.

- init

See IOService for discussion.

- IsProtocolServiceSupported

Determine is specified feature is supported by the protocol layer.

- LoginCompletion

Completion routine for login complete.

- LogoutCompletion

Completion routine for logout complete.

- LunResetComplete

Callback to submit Fetch Agent Reset.

- SBP2LoginAccessor

accessor function for fLogin.

- SendSCSICommand

Prepare and send a SCSI command to the device.

- SetCommandBuffers

Method to set orb's buffers.

- SetValidAutoSenseData

Set the auto sense data that was returned for a given SCSI Task.

- StatusNotify

This is our handler for status.

- UnsolicitedStatusNotify

This is our handler for unsolicited status.