Instance Method


Gets the data value.


virtual OSData * getDataValue(IOOptionBits options);



Options that indicate how to get the value. For a list of possible values, see IOHIDValueOptions.

Return Value

An OSData representation of the element value.

See Also

Accessing the Element's Value

- getValue

Gets the logical value that the device reported.

- getScaledValue

Returns a scaled version of the logical value.

- getScaledFixedValue

Returns a fixed number that represents the scaled version of the element's logical value.

- setValue

Sets the value of the element.

- setDataValue

Sets the data value of the element.

- getUnit

Returns the units that you use to interpret the element's value.

- getUnitExponent

Returns the exponent that you use to interpret the element's value.


A type for specifying value-related options.

Value Options

Options for how to retrieve an element's values.


The type of scaling to use for an element's value.

Value Scale Types

The different types of scaling that you can perform on element values.