Kernel debugger nub.


class IOKernelDebugger : IOService


This object interfaces with the KDP (kernel debugger protocol) module and dispatches KDP requests to its target (provider). The target, designated as the debugger device, must implement a pair of handler functions that are called to handle KDP transmit and receive requests during a debugging session. Only a single IOKernelDebugger in the system can be active at a given time. The active IOKernelDebugger is the one that has an IOKDP object attached as a client.

The debugger device is usually a subclass of IOEthernetController. However, any IOService can service an IOKernelDebugger client, implement the two polled mode handlers, and transport the KDP packets through a data channel. However, KDP assumes that the debugger device is an Ethernet interface and therefore it will always send, and expect to receive, an Ethernet frame.



- debugger

Factory method that performs allocation and initialization of an IOKernelDebugger object.

- free

Frees the IOKernelDebugger instance.

- handleClose

Handles a client close.

- handleIsOpen

Queries whether a client has an open on this object.

- handleOpen

Handles a client open.

- init

Initializes an IOKernelDebugger instance.

- kdpLinkStatusDispatcher

The KDP link status dispatch function.

- kdpReceiveDispatcher

The KDP receive dispatch function.

- kdpSetModeDispatcher

The KDP set mode dispatch function.

- kdpTransmitDispatcher

The KDP transmit dispatch function.

- lock

Takes the debugger lock conditionally.

- nullLinkStatusHandler

Null link status handler.

- nullRxHandler

Null receive handler.

- nullSetModeHandler

Null set mode handler.

- nullTxHandler

Null transmit handler.

- powerStateDidChangeTo

Handles notification that the network controller did change power state.

- powerStateWillChangeTo

Handles notification that the network controller will change power state.

- registerHandler

Registers the target and the handler functions.

- signalDebugger

Signal the kernel to enter the debugger when safe.

- unlock

Releases the debugger lock.

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