A mechanism to convert memory references to physical addresses.


class IOMemoryCursor : OSObject


The IOMemoryCursor declares the super class that all specific memory cursors must inherit from, but a memory cursor can be created without a specific format subclass by just providing a segment function to the initializers. This class does the difficult stuff of dividing a memory descriptor into a physical scatter/gather list appropriate for the target hardware.

A driver is expected to create a memory cursor and configure it to the limitations of its DMA hardware; for instance the memory cursor used by the FireWire SBP-2 protocol has a maximum physical segment size of 2^16 - 1 but the actual transfer size is unlimited. Thus it would create a cursor with a maxSegmentSize of 65535 and a maxTransfer size of UINT_MAX. It would also provide a SegmentFunction that can output a pagelist entry.

Below is the simplest example of a SegmentFunction:

void IONaturalMemoryCursor::outputSegment(PhysicalSegment segment,

void * outSegments,

UInt32 outSegmentIndex)


((PhysicalSegment *) outSegments)[outSegmentIndex] = segment;




- genPhysicalSegments

Generates a physical scatter/gather list given a memory descriptor.

- initWithSpecification

Primary initializer for the IOMemoryCursor class.

- withSpecification

Creates and initializes an IOMemoryCursor in one operation.


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