An object that encapsulates information about a network medium (i.e. 10Base-T, or 100Base-T Full Duplex).


class IONetworkMedium : OSObject


The main purpose of this object is for a network driver to advertise its media capability, through a collection of IONetworkMedium objects stored in a dictionary in its property table. IONetworkMedium supports serialization, and will encode its properties in the form of a dictionary to the serialization stream when instructed. This will allow a user-space application to browse the set of media types supported by the controller.



- addMedium

Adds an IONetworkMedium object to a dictionary.

- free

Frees the IONetworkMedium object.

- getMediumWithIndex

Finds a medium object from a dictionary with a given index.

- getMediumWithType

Finds a medium object from a dictionary with a given type.

- init

Initializes an IONetworkMedium object.

- isEqualTo(const IONetworkMedium *)

Tests for equality between two IONetworkMedium objects.

- isEqualTo(const OSMetaClassBase *)

Tests for equality between a IONetworkMedium object and an OSObject.

- medium

Factory method that allocates and initializes an IONetworkMedium object.

- nameForType

Creates a name that describes a medium type.

- removeMedium

Removes an IONetworkMedium object from a dictionary.

- serialize

Serializes the IONetworkMedium object.

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