Initializes an IOOutputQueue object.


virtual bool init(); 

Return Value

Returns true if initialized successfully, false otherwise.

See Also


- cancelServiceThread

Cancels any pending service thread callout.

- enqueue

Adds a packet, or a chain of packets, to the queue.

- flush

Drops and frees all packets currently held by the queue.

- free

Frees the IOOutputQueue object.

- getCapacity

Gets the number of packets that the queue can hold.

- getMbufPriority

Determines an mbuf's traffic priority. The highest priority is 0.

- getOutputHandler

Returns the address of a function that is designated to handle incoming packets sent to the queue object.

- getSize

Gets the number of packets currently held in the queue.

- getStatisticsData

Returns an IONetworkData object containing statistics counters updated by the queue.

- scheduleServiceThread

Schedules a service thread callout.

- service

Services the queue.

- serviceThread

Method called by the scheduled service thread when it starts to run.

- setCapacity

Changes the number of packets that the queue can hold before it begins to drop excess packets.

- start

Starts up the queue.

- stop

Stops the queue.