Fetch, provide, and present rich links in your app.


The Link Presentation framework enables you to present content-rich URLs in a consistent way. Retrieve metadata from a URL, present the rich link content inside your app, and provide link metadata to the share sheet experience in iOS.

Diagram showing how an LPLinkView presents a map URL with an image of the map on top, and the name and address of the location underneath.

For more information about presenting links, see WWDC 2019 session 262: Embedding and Sharing Visually Rich Links.


Link Metadata

class LPMetadataProvider

An object that retrieves metadata for a URL.

class LPLinkMetadata

An object that contains metadata about a URL.

Rich Links

class LPLinkView

A rich visual representation of a link.


struct LPError

An error returned by the LinkPresentation framework.