Instance Property


The current state of the evaluated policy domain.


var evaluatedPolicyDomainState: Data? { get }


This property returns a value only when the canEvaluatePolicy(_:error:) method succeeds for a biometric policy or the evaluatePolicy(_:localizedReason:reply:) method is called and a successful biometric authentication is performed. Otherwise, nil is returned.

The returned data is an opaque structure. It can be used to compare with other values returned by this property to determine whether the authorized database has been updated. However, the nature of the change cannot be determined from this data.

See Also

Evaluating Authentication Policies

func canEvaluatePolicy(LAPolicy, error: NSErrorPointer)

Preflights an authentication policy to see if it is possible for authentication to succeed.

var biometryType: LABiometryType

The type of biometric authentication supported by the device.

var maxBiometryFailures: NSNumber?

Allows setting the limit for the number of failures during biometric authentication.