Type Property


The user tapped the fallback button in the authentication dialog, but no fallback is available for the authentication policy.


static var userFallback: LAError.Code { get }

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Error Codes

static var appCancel: LAError.Code

The app canceled authentication.

static var systemCancel: LAError.Code

The system canceled authentication.

static var userCancel: LAError.Code

The user tapped the cancel button in the authentication dialog.

static var biometryLockout: LAError.Code

Biometry is locked because there were too many failed attempts.

static var biometryNotAvailable: LAError.Code

Biometry is not available on the device.

static var biometryNotEnrolled: LAError.Code

The user has no enrolled biometric identities.

static var touchIDLockout: LAError.Code

Touch ID is locked because there were too many failed attempts.

static var touchIDNotAvailable: LAError.Code

Touch ID is not available on the device.

static var touchIDNotEnrolled: LAError.Code

The user has no enrolled Touch ID fingers.

static var authenticationFailed: LAError.Code

The user failed to provide valid credentials.

static var invalidContext: LAError.Code

The context was previously invalidated.

static var notInteractive: LAError.Code

Displaying the required authentication user interface is forbidden.

static var passcodeNotSet: LAError.Code

A passcode isn’t set on the device.

static var watchNotAvailable: LAError.Code

An attempt to authenticate with Apple Watch failed.

enum LAError.Code

Error codes that the framework returns when policy evaluation fails.

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