MapKit Annotations

Use these annotation objects as-is in your maps.


Point-Based Location

Annotating a Map with Custom Data

Annotate a map with location-specific data using default and customized annotation views and callouts.

class MKPointAnnotation

A concrete annotation object tied to the specified point on the map.

class MKMarkerAnnotationView

An annotation view that displays a balloon-shaped marker at the designated location.

class MKPinAnnotationView

An annotation view that displays a pin image on the map.

Annotation Groups

Decluttering a Map with MapKit Annotation Clustering

Enhance the readability of a map by replacing overlapping annotations with a clustering annotation view.

class MKClusterAnnotation

An annotation that groups two or more distinct annotations into a single entity.

User Location

Converting a User's Location to a Descriptive Placemark

Transform the user’s location displayed on a map into an informative description.

class MKUserLocation

An annotation that always reflects the user's current location on the map.

See Also

Annotations and Overlays

class MKPlacemark

A user-friendly description of a location on the map.

protocol MKAnnotation

An interface for associating your content with a specific map location.

class MKAnnotationView

The visual representation of one of your annotation objects.

protocol MKOverlay

An interface for associating content with a specific map region.

class MKOverlayRenderer

The shared infrastructure used to draw overlays on the map surface.

MapKit Overlays

Use these overlays as-is in your maps.