MapKit Overlays

Use these overlays as-is in your maps.



class MKCircle

A circular overlay with a configurable radius and centered on a specific geographic coordinate.

class MKCircleRenderer

The visual representation for a circular overlay.


class MKPolygon

A closed polygon shape.

class MKPolygonRenderer

The visual representation for a single polygon overlay.

class MKMultiPolygon

A collection of multiple closed polygon shapes.

class MKMultiPolygonRenderer

The visual representation for a multipolygon overlay.



class MKPolyline

A shape consisting of one or more connected line segments.

class MKGeodesicPolyline

A line-based shape that follows the contours of the Earth to create the shortest path between the specified points.

class MKPolylineRenderer

The visual representation for any polyline overlay object.

class MKMultiPolyline

A collection of multipolyline shapes, each consisting of one or more connected line segments.

class MKMultiPolylineRenderer

The visual representation for multiple polyline objects.



class MKOverlayPathRenderer

The visual representation for a path-based overlay.

Tiled Images

class MKTileOverlay

An overlay that covers an area of the map with bitmap tiles.

class MKTileOverlayRenderer

The renderer for a tile overlay that handles the drawing of bitmap images on the map surface.

Shared Behavior

class MKShape

An abstract class that defines the basic properties for all shape-based overlay objects.

class MKMultiPoint

An abstract class that defines the common behavior shared by polyline and polygon overlays.

See Also

Annotations and Overlays

class MKPlacemark

A user-friendly description of a location on the map.

protocol MKAnnotation

An interface for associating your content with a specific map location.

class MKAnnotationView

The visual representation of one of your annotation objects.

protocol MKOverlay

An interface for associating content with a specific map region.

class MKOverlayRenderer

The shared infrastructure used to draw overlays on the map surface.

MapKit Annotations

Use these annotation objects as-is in your maps.

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