An interface for associating your content with a specific map location.


protocol MKAnnotation


An object that adopts this protocol manages the data that you want to display on the map surface. It does not provide the visual representation displayed by the map. Instead, your map view's delegate provides the MKAnnotationView objects needed to display the content of your annotations. When you want to display content at a specific point on the map, add an annotation object to the map view. When the annotation's coordinate is visible on the map, the map view asks its delegate to provide an appropriate view to display any content associated with the annotation. You implement the mapView(_:viewFor:) method of the delegate to provide that view.

An object that adopts this protocol must implement the coordinate property. The other methods of this protocol are optional.


Position Attributes

var coordinate: CLLocationCoordinate2D

The center point (specified as a map coordinate) of the annotation.


Title Attributes

var title: String?

The string containing the annotation’s title.

var subtitle: String?

The string containing the annotation’s subtitle.


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